Is Your Dream Job Slowly Turning Into a Nightmare?

Getting into the IT industry seems like a great choice for people who love technology.

But from the inside, everything starts to look a lot less fun.

If you don't know how to navigate the industry, it's easy to find yourself...

  • Stuck in the same job for years, with no idea how to get to the next level
  • Working long hours to try and get everything done
  • Tired, stressed, and feeling burned out

It doesn't have to be that way.

Launching in 2019, Surviving IT is the essential guide for technology professionals that helps you build a healthy and happy career.


"Maybe this isn't the right career for me after all..."

If you've ever thought that, trust me, you're not alone.

Hi there, my name is Paul Cunningham. I've worked in the IT industry for 20 years, from help desk, to systems administration and engineering, consulting, and now as a trainer and technical writer, and occasional conference speaker.

Has it all been smooth sailing? No way. In fact, I've had my fair share of jobs go bad due to downsizing, outsourcing, bankruptcy, and some that weren't a good fit.

Stressed out? Yep, lots of times.

Burned out? I've been there too.

Ready to quit? More than once.

But I've had a lot of great jobs too. I've worked with terrific colleagues and customers. I've enjoyed a career of fun projects, exciting technology, and even travelled the world.


Technology Skills Come and Go

...but what I've learned over the years that will never go out of date, is how to build a career that enables you to live a life that you love, even in an industry that has a reputation for chewing people up and spitting them out.

It comes down to three main strategies:


Decide what makes you happy in life


Leverage a career in the technology industry to make that life possible


Stay flexible enough to deal with the turmoil that will always come your way


Sounds a Little Too Easy?

It's not easy. If it were easy, we'd all be happy all the time.

But it's not impossible. I've done it. Others have done it. And now you can do it too.

In Surviving IT, I'll teach you the mindset, the skills, and the strategies to apply to your own career, so you can:

  • Avoid the burnout trap
  • Get the job you want
  • Enjoy a great life-work balance

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About Paul Cunningham


I've worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years. As an Office 365 and Exchange Server specialist I've worked with customers around the world, and seen my fair share of good and bad workplaces. After carving out a good work/life balance for myself, I'm sharing what I've learned over the years to help others create a happy and healthy career in technology.

I'm the founder of Practical 365 (formerly Exchange Server Pro), a leading community site for Office 365 and Exchange Server technical content. My contributions on the blog and elsewhere online have earned me the Microsoft MVP award since 2012.

After a successful 12 years of blogging, in 2018 I retired from Practical 365 to focus on new business ventures.

I've self-published many books over the years, and written for Microsoft Press. I'm also a Pluralsight author, creating video training content for IT pros.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my wife and kids. In my free time I enjoy trail running, playing my guitar, cooking great food, and losing to my kids on the PS4.


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